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Vol 1, No 1 Antimicrobial Activity of Some Medicinal Plants against Multi Drug Resistant Human Pathogens Abstract   PDF
Al Nayem Chowdhury, M. Ashrafuzzaman, Hazrat Ali, Lutfun Nahar Liza, Kazi Mohammad Ali Zinnah
Vol 1, No 2 Assessment of Ecofriendly Methods of Eliminating Cockroaches Abstract   PDF
T. C. Mogbo, J. J. Okeke, M. C. Nwosu, I. I. Ijuh
Vol 2, No 1 Bioconcentration of trace metals in the freshwater snail Melanoides tuberculata (Mollusca: Thiaridae) from Alaro stream ecosystem of South West Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Emmanuel Teryila Tyokumbur, Tonye Grace Okorie
Vol 2, No 1 Biodegradation of Glyphosate by Fungi Species Abstract   PDF
F.E. Adelowo, O.A. Olu-Arotiowa, O.S. Amuda
Vol 8 (2020) COVID-19 in Nigeria, West Africa: An Update Abstract   PDF
Adekunle Odunayo Adejuwon, Olubunmi Sharon Obayemi, Olaleke David Odeleye, Victoria Anatolyivna Tsygankova
Vol 3, No 1 Effect of Carbon Source of Growth on α-Amylase Production by a Strain of Penicillium funiculosum Thom. Isolated from Irish Potato (Solanum tuberosum Linn): Comparative Studies Abstract   PDF
Adekunle Odunayo Adejuwon, Olusola Abiola Ladokun
Vol 7, No 1 Evaluation of the Anti-microbial Activities of the Extracts of the Leaf and Stem Bark of Alstonia congensis on Some Human Pathogenic Bacteria Abstract   PDF
O.A. Akintobi, B.A. Bamkefa, A.O. Adejuwon, O.S. Obayemi, B.L. Ologan
Vol 1, No 2 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Mixed Leaf Powders of Vernonia amygdalina (L.) and Azadirachta indica (A. Juss) Against Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) Abstract   PDF
C. E. Akunne, B. U. Ononye, T. C. Mogbo
Vol 3, No 1 Expression of α-Amylase by Aspergillus flavus in Medium: Effect of Nitrogen Source of Growth Abstract   PDF
Adekunle Odunayo Adejuwon, Anthonia Olufunke Oluduro, Femi Kayode Agboola, Patrick Ojo Olutiola
Vol 4, No 1 Expression of α-Amylase in a Tropical Strain Penicillium rubrum with Bread as Growth Substrate Abstract   PDF
Adekunle Odunayo Adejuwon, Anthonia Olufunke Oluduro, Femi Kayode Agboola, Patrick Ojo Olutiola, Melissa Jane Robbiani, Sheldon Jerome Segal
Vol 5, No 1 Fabrication and Characterization of Barium Titanate Oxide(BaTiO3) Based Multilayer Capacitor Abstract   PDF
O.P. Elenwo, I.O. Owate, E.B. Otokunefor
Vol 1, No 1 Further Observations on the Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation on Morphological and Yield Traits of M1 and M2 Generation of African Wrinkled Pepper (Capsicum annuum var abbreviatum Fingerh) Abstract   PDF
Falusi O. A, Daudu, O. A. Y, Thomas T, Mohammed, D. C Muhammad, L. M.
Vol 4, No 1 Hamaker Coefficient Concept: The Application to the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis "“ Macrophage Interactions Mechanism Abstract   PDF
J. L. Chukwuneke, P. C. Chukwuneke, P. C. Okolie, J. E. Sinebe
Vol 1, No 2 Histopathological Changes in the Muscle Tissue of the Fish Clarias batrachus Exposed to Untreated and Treated Sago Effluent Abstract   PDF
Ramesh. F, K. Nagarajan
Vol 1, No 2 Immune Status of the Risk Group Calves within the Neonatal Period and its Correction Abstract   PDF
A.G. Shakhov, D.V. Fedosov, L.Y. Sashnina, T.A. Yerina
Vol 2, No 1 Impact of New Microbial PR/PGP Inducers on Increase of Resistance to Parasitic Nematode of Wild and RNAi Transgenic Rape Plants Abstract   PDF
V.A. Tsygankova, L.O. Biliavska, Ya.V. Andrusevich, O.N. Bondarenko, A.P. Galkin, O.A. Babich, V.E. Kozyritska, G.O. Iutynska, Ya.B. Blume
Vol 1, No 1 Influence of Sago Effluent on the Levels of the Enzyme Cholinesterase in the Brain Tissue of the Fresh Water Fish Clarias Batrachus Abstract   PDF
Ramesh. F, Nagarajan. K
Vol 8 (2020) Mycoflora Associated with Millet (Pennisetum glaucum L.) Purchased from Major Markets in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
B.A. Bamkefa, I. Uwaga, O.A. Akintobi, A.O. Adejuwon, E.T. Umezurike, O. Balogun, O.S. Obayemi
Vol 2, No 1 Physico-Chemical Quality of Water, Sediments, Effluents and Biota in Alaro Stream and a Pond in Ibadan Abstract   PDF
Julius Idowu Komolafe, Tonye Okorie, Emmanuel Tyokumbur
Vol 2, No 1 Sensitivity of Certain Bacteria Isolated from Local and Imported Drugs to Aqueous and Alcoholic Tea Extracts Abstract   PDF
Abdalnabi Jwaied Abid
Vol 7, No 1 Simulated Microgravity Altered Hematological Indices Lipid Profile and Creatinine Kinase-Mb in Rattus Norvegicus Abstract   PDF
Alaba Olumide Ojo, Lawrence Adedayo, Olatunbosun Onaseso, Olufemi Oluranti, Fidelis Ejeheri, Emmanuel Timothy
Vol 2, No 1 Some Additions and Comments to Breeding Biology of Blackheaded Wagtail Motacilla Feldegg Michahhelles, 1830 (Passeriformes, Motacillidae, Motacillinae) in European Russia Abstract   PDF
I.V. Muraviev, E.A. Artemyeva
Vol 3, No 1 The Effect of Carbon Source of Growth on α-Amylase Production by Aspergillus flavus Abstract   PDF
Adekunle Odunayo Adejuwon, Patrick Ojo Olutiola
Vol 1, No 2 The Effect of Hand Treatments on Staphylococcus Aureus: A Normal Flora of the Human Palms Abstract   PDF
Adesola Adetutu Ajayi, Banke Titilope Aiyedun, Grace Iyabo Olasehinde
Vol 6, No 1 Toxicity of Root Powder of Derris elliptica for the Control of Kola Weevil, Balanogastris kolae in the Stored Kolanut Abstract   PDF
C.E. Akunne, E.M. Okeke, B.U. Ononye
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