Vol 2, No 2

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  1. Research Article
    Evaluation of Chemical Composition and the Comparative Wound Healing Effect of Natural Honey and Olive Oil in Rabbits PDF
    B. Usman Shamaki, Abba Yusuf, H.Jimeta Balla, I. Gambo Halima, O. Balogun Sherifat, F.I. Abdulrahman, A.O. Ogbe, U.K. Sandabe
    The phytochemical and elemental constituents of honey and olive oil and their relationships with wound healing were studied in New Zealand rabbits. Phytochemical analysis showed the presence of Carbohydrates, monosaccharide, reducing sugar, terpenoid, saponin, saponin glycoside, flavonoids, and alkaloid in honey, while olive oil had only cardiac glycoside and terpenoids.  Elemental analysis showed the presence of higher concentration of potassium (288.3mg/l), and low concentration of manganese (0.04mg/l), iron (1.55mg/l), copper (0.66mg/l) and nickel (0.001mg/l) in honey than olive oil. However, olive oil has higher concentration of calcium (225.3mg/l) and zinc (5.22mg/l) than in   honey. The wound healing effects of honey and olive oil were determined by inflicting a 2 mm incisional wound on the thigh muscle of 18 New Zealand rabbits. The rabbits were grouped into six groups (A-F) which were topically administered of honey (A), olive oil (B), honey and olive oil mixture (C), iodine and methylated spirit (D) and penicillin (E).Group F was undressed and untreated and served as negative control.  Healing and scar tissue formation was monitored over a period of 10 days by measuring the wound closure daily. It was observed that group B and D had complete resolution with minimal scar tissues by day six. Other groups had a longer resolution time of up to 9 days post incision. The study therefore, showed olive oil alone and a combination of iodine and methylated spirit both aided greatly in dehiscence of uncontaminated surgical wounds in New Zealand rabbits.

  2. Research Article
    Optimality Criteria for a Class of Multi-Objective Nonlinear Integer Programs PDF
    Shifali Bhargava

    This paper studies the Graver's optimality conditions for multi-objective non-linear integer programming problem based on Hilbert basis. Here, the result is generalized to include a fairly large class of multi-objective non-linear objective functions.  This extension provides in particular a link between the superadditivity of the difference objective functions and the Hilbert bases of conic subpartitions in Rn.

  3. Research Article
    Structural Implication of Pseudogravity Transformation of Aeromagnetic Data over the Riruwai Complex PDF
    Adeyinka Olasehinde, Edafetano C. Ashano
    Pseudogravity transformation of the aeromagnetic data over the Riruwai Complex reveals three geological vent structures: southern, north-western and northern vents in the complex which incredibly compares to the geological information. They consist of mainly agglomerates, breccias, tuffs and rhyolites. These perhaps represent intraplate tectonic and magmatic phenomena linked to deep mantle plumes and asthenospheric upwellings. Bottom depth of about 5.4km is estimated using statistical space domain variogram, the dimensions of the vents are also reported.

  4. Research Article
    Communicating Truth or Verisimilitude: Convictive Method or Persuasive Method PDF
    Ștefan Vlăduțescu
    The study starts from premise that confused communication corresponds to confused knowing. It argues that in carrying out the essence of a confused knowledge, communication is done over the land ambiguity of language by two methods: convictive method and persuasive method.  None of them guarantees the path from the verisimilitude to truth. Instead, the path of the verisimilitude towards falseness always remains open. Figuratively, both are argumentative-discursive. The specificity of conviction is the orientation on the exclusivity of strict ethics of rational cogitation and existential affectivity. Persuasion is featured by using affective or "rationally" seductive arguments, either entirely on their own, or in combination with arguments and convictive procedures. Therefore, on the conviction side there is the process of intentionally rendering the verisimilitude with an ethical definitive foundation, and on the persuasion side there is the process of intentional pseudo-rendering the verisimilitude. Conviction aims at and leads to achieving the authentic truth. The persuasive approach causes verisimilitude.

  5. Research Article
    On Nonlinear Ultra "“Hyperbolic Wave Operator PDF
    A.S. Abdel-Rady, S.Z. Rida, F.A. Mohamed, H.M. AboEl-Majd

    In this paper, we study the generalized wave equation of the form

  6. Research Article
    Anemia of Prematurity "“ Erythropoietin Prophylaxis and Factors that Influence It PDF
    Victoria Atanasova, Maya Krusteva, Christo Mumdzhiev, Andrew Christoff

    Purpose: To examine the prophylactic usage of recombinant human erythropoietin beta (EPO) for the anemia of prematurity and the influence of early blood transfusions (BTs), infections and multiple births on it.

    Patients and methods: 135 newborns, born before 29th gestational week (GW), were divided into: control group 0 without and case group 1 with EPO-prophylaxis. The group 1 was separated into: according to the presence of early BTs (before postnatal 28th day) "“ with and without them; according to the presence of infection "“ with intraamniotic, with nosocomial and without infections; singletons and twins. The effect of EPO-prophylaxis was evaluated by the frequency of late BTs (after 28th day).

    Results: The frequency of late BTs (per one patient) was as follows: in group 0 "“ 1,5±1,3, and in group 1 "“ 1,0±1,1 (p 0,02); in the subgroups with early BTs "“ 1,1±1,1, and in without them "“ 0,5±0,7 (Ñ€ 0,015); in the subgroups with intraamniotic infections 0,9±0,9, with nosocomial infections "“ 1,6±1,3, and without infections "“ 0,6±0,7 (Ñ€ 0,0000); in the subgroup of singletons "“ 1,0±1,1, and of twins "“ 1,0±1,0 (Ñ€ > 0,05).

    Conclusions: EPO-prophylaxis was effective in the infants, born before 29th GW, but early BTs and nosocomial infections compromised it, and multiple births did not influence it.

  7. Research Article
    Relationship between Duration of Cattle Dung Exposure in Pastures, Its Average Crustal Thickness and Occurrences of Dipterous Insects and Their Parasitoids in South Goiás, Brazil PDF
    Carlos Henrique Marchiori
    The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between duration of cattle dung exposure in pastures, its average crustal thickness and occurrences of dipterous insects and their parasitoids in south Goiás, Brazil. Parasitoids were collected after different durations of cattle dung exposure in pastures, in an experiment conducted in south Goiás, Brazil, between January and October 2001. Cattle dung pads were exposed in pastures for periods of 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144, 168, 192, 216 and 240 hours were then individually taken to the laboratory for parasitoid extraction. A total of 100 dung pads were exposed in pastures and 430 parasitoid individuals were recovered from them. The most abundant species extracted were: Paraganapis egeria Díaz, Gallardo & Walsh (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) and Spalangia drosophilae Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). The majority of the species were collected from cattle dung pads exposed for 144  and 240 hours. The largest number of individuals was found in feces with 240 hours of exposure.

  8. Research Article
    Strong Large Deviations Principles of Non-Freidlin-Wentzell Type - Optimal Control Problem with Imperfect Information - Jumps Phenomena in Financial Markets PDF
    J. Foukzon
    The paper presents, a new large deviations principles (SLDP) of non-Freidlin-Wentzell type, corresponding to the solutions Colombeau-Ito's SDE. Using SLDP we present a new approach to construct the Bellman function  and optimal control  directly by way of using strong large deviations principle for the solutions Colombeau-Ito's SDE. As important application such SLDP, the generic imperfect dynamic models of air-to-surface missiles are given in addition to the related simple guidance law. A four, examples have been illustrated proposed approach and corresponding numerical simulations have been illustrated and analyzed. Using SLDP approach, Jumps phenomena, in financial markets, also is considered. Jumps phenomena, in financial markets is explained from the first principles, without any reference to Poisson jump process. In contrast with a phenomenological approach we explain such jumps phenomena from the first principles, without any reference to Poisson jump process.