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ISO Certification Initiatives Prove the Commitment to Sustainability PDF
Wai Onn Hong
Malaysia's palm oil industry is growing in complexity and successively to succeed on the global level by accounts for about 36% of the word production of palm oil (Foreign Agricultural Service, 2012). But, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) issues are still problematic areas that need to be addressed by all parties concerned in this industry. In the olden days, unlike other sectors, palm oil industry was green in EHS management system. However, due to stringent in the legislative enforcement in the past few years, it has led some of the plantation companies to develop EHS management system, which are based on Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS), towards corporate sustainability. Sustainability is not about paying lip-service to the latest corporate buzzword; neither is it about superficially meeting minimum requirements for the sake of compliance. Rather, sustainability is a core value that lies at the heart of the companies' business conduct. In practical terms, this means strive to operate with due consideration for the interest of all stakeholders by minimizing any potential impact on the environment and making the health and safety of all workers a priority. This paper describes the certification of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and MS 1722 in Genting Plantations Berhad (GENP) proved the commitment to sustainability by forming guiding principle on EHS management.

Study of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Periodic Dielectric Structure; MathCAD Analysis PDF
Emmanuel.I Ugwu, C.E Ikeogu, M.I Echi
The propagation of electromagnetic waves in periodic dielectric structure was analyzed using plane wave equation of a periodic electric field in conjunction with the application of the Schrodinger's equation as an operator with Mathieu's differential equation. The relationship between electric field (E), width of dielectric slabs, b, period, a, transverse electric mode ky and wave number were obtained. Graphically, it was shown that different values of the ratio of the width of the dielectric slabs, b to the period, a affect the wave propagation. However, the behaviours of electromagnetic waves propagation through a dielectric medium depend on the solid state properties of the medium. Also, how electromagnetic waves propagate as well as its basic properties was presented.

Theoretical Analysis of the Influence of the Thermal Diffusivity of Ceramic Tile on the Thermal Energy Distribution PDF
Eze Stephen, Ugwu Emmanuel I, Amah Alexander N., Agbo P.E
The influence of the thermal diffusivity of the ceramic tile on the thermal energy distribution was analysed using one dimensional heat equation, which was solved by using method of separation of variables. In the analysis, heat was assumed to be propagated along a rectangular moulded ceramic tile with length (l) and the width being considered negligible with different temperatures ranging from 3000c to 13000c, within a specified time frame. Some parameters such as thermal conductivity, specific heat and mass per unit length of the material were specified. The variation of thermal conductivity and diffusivity with temperature were analysed while that of thermal energy flux u(x,t) variation with position and time for different lengths werealso take into consideration. The distribution of temperature as a function of time for different values of thermal diffusivity was also considered.

The Anecdotal Use of Fungicides in the Management of Cowpea Bacterial Blight Xanthomonas Axonopodis pv. Vignicola PDF
U. Simeon Amodu, T. Magaji Bitrus, S.L Alao
The control measure of most seed-borne diseases can be improved by seed treatment with an antibiotic or fungicides.However, the unwittingly use of fungicides on any perceived disease, makes their use economically risky proposition. The objective of this research was to investigate the effectiveness of some fungicides in the management of Xanthomonasaxonopodispvvignicola, the incitant of bacterial blight of cowpea. Seven cowpea genotypes (Ife-brown, SAMPEA-7, Local Wusasa, Local Sabon-Gari, Local Samaru, IT86D-714A and IT98-503-1) were obtained from seed companies, research institutes, and open markets within Zaria area. The different fungicides used by the seed companies were Apron-star, Dress and Team and the same were used to treat other seed lots. Seeds were inoculated by soaking hundred seeds in 100 ml of bacteria suspension adjusted ca.4.7 x 107cfu/ml for 4 h before fungicide treatment.There was general reflection of susceptibility of SAMPEA-7 to Xav as observed in the various parts of all the seedlings (Root, cotyledon, stem and leaf). Fungicides used in the seed treatment did not have significant effect on the pathogen attached to the seeds. Most fungicides do not control bacterial pathogens and most will not control all types of fungal diseases. Anecdotal use of chemical pesticides should be discouraged and farmers are advised to seek for proper diagnosis of pest problems as well as appropriate protection products from plant protectionists. Without proper identification of disease and the disease causing agent, disease control measure can be a waste of time and money and can lead to further plant losses.

Collaboration with an Enterprise at a Japanese University PDF
Hiromi Aroyoshi, Chihiro Suematsu, Megumi Hattori, Kiyoshi Yoshimiuz, Yoshika Suzaki, Naoko Takayama, Daisuke Furushima
Until recently, most public health nursing curriculums were based on nurturing community health nurses. However, due to widespread changes in curriculums and a slow increase in demand for occupational health nurses, there has been an increase in interest among nursing students. The current structure of lectures does not sufficiently satisfy the increasing expectations of the business sector or the students. This research reports on the collaboration with an enterprise and the creation of a curriculum which with limited credits will attract occupational health nursing students (The Health Support Department of Oita Canon Corporation.).

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