Theoretical Analysis of the Influence of the Thermal Diffusivity of Ceramic Tile on the Thermal Energy Distribution

Eze Stephen, Ugwu Emmanuel I, Amah Alexander N., Agbo P.E


The influence of the thermal diffusivity of the ceramic tile on the thermal energy distribution was analysed using one dimensional heat equation, which was solved by using method of separation of variables. In the analysis, heat was assumed to be propagated along a rectangular moulded ceramic tile with length (l) and the width being considered negligible with different temperatures ranging from 3000c to 13000c, within a specified time frame. Some parameters such as thermal conductivity, specific heat and mass per unit length of the material were specified. The variation of thermal conductivity and diffusivity with temperature were analysed while that of thermal energy flux u(x,t) variation with position and time for different lengths werealso take into consideration. The distribution of temperature as a function of time for different values of thermal diffusivity was also considered.

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