Marites Culture in the Philippines: An Emergent Online Gossip Phenomenon

Author(s): Jefferson M. Cuadra

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Published: 2023-08-02

Abstract: This research article explores the emergence and characteristics of Marites culture in the Philippines, specifically focusing on its role in shaping social relations and communication during the pandemic and the present. Utilizing literature review approach and sociological perspectives, the study analyzes media reports and online sources to investigate the origins, features, and implications of Marites culture. The research emphasizes the significance of Marites culture as a reflection of broader social and cultural trends in the Philippines, including the increasing importance of online communication and the influence of traditional gossip practices. Moreover, the study examines the potential advantages and disadvantages of Marites culture, such as its ability to disseminate information and shape public opinion, as well as its potential to spread misinformation and trigger social tensions. The findings underscore the necessity for a critical and nuanced understanding of emerging cultural phenomena, considering their historical, social, and cultural contexts and implications.