Agricultural Areas and Forests: The Case Regions Polimlje-Ibar

Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović


Among the growth potential regions Polimlje-Ibar primary importance occupies land. The structure of the surface by way of use, applying the method we have found alternate splitter type of secondary distribution of agricultural areas with a higher share of forests and barren land small share (PP3Š2N1). The structure of agricultural land use is predominantly pasture stand type of agricultural land with a higher share of meadows (P4L2). Direction with equal participation of vegetables, animal fodder and fodder grain participation and uncultivated arable land (Po2Sk2Ž1No1), characterized by are use of the structure of arable land. Forest land and commercial forest area in is region, occupying an area of ​​110.010 hectares, which means that 38.71% of the territory Polimlje-Ibar, covered with forest vegetation. Finally, the paper suggests not limiting factors of the optimal exploitation of the land fund. One of the priorities of the European partnership is the application of the concept of sustainable development.

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