Study of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Periodic Dielectric Structure; MathCAD Analysis

Emmanuel.I Ugwu, C.E Ikeogu, M.I Echi


The propagation of electromagnetic waves in periodic dielectric structure was analyzed using plane wave equation of a periodic electric field in conjunction with the application of the Schrodinger's equation as an operator with Mathieu's differential equation. The relationship between electric field (E), width of dielectric slabs, b, period, a, transverse electric mode ky and wave number were obtained. Graphically, it was shown that different values of the ratio of the width of the dielectric slabs, b to the period, a affect the wave propagation. However, the behaviours of electromagnetic waves propagation through a dielectric medium depend on the solid state properties of the medium. Also, how electromagnetic waves propagate as well as its basic properties was presented.

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