Enhancing Good Governance Principles and Practices in African Militaries: A Qualitative Inquiry of the Ghana Armed Forces

Author(s): Kwabena Nkansah Simpeh

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Published: 2023-07-24

Abstract: The significance of incorporating good governance principles and practices into the security sector is widely recognized as crucial for enhancing the democratic culture of African nations. This study focused on examining the nature, principles, and practices of good governance within the Ghana Armed Forces, as well as identifying the barriers that hinder the pursuit of a good security governance agenda. Furthermore, strategies to overcome these obstacles were explored. To investigate this phenomenon, a qualitative methodology was employed, specifically in-depth interviews with selected personnel from the Ghana Armed Forces. Through thematic narrative analysis, three main themes emerged: the prevalence of good governance principles and practices, the challenges that impede the implementation of such an agenda, and the available strategies to overcome these challenges. This study contributes to the broader discourse on enhancing good governance in African militaries and offers insights for improving the effectiveness and integrity of military institutions across the continent.