Feelings of Insecurity in Hotels and Host Communities, Ibadan, Nigeria

Author(s): Adeola Francisca Oladele, Gbenga John Oladehinde, Adeleke Lateef Adeniyi, Olubunmi Lukman Lawal

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Published: 2023-07-14

Abstract: The study examines factors influencing the feelings of insecurity in Hotels and Host Communities of Ibadan, Nigeria. The results showed that theft, fraud, robbery sexual abuse, and burglary were the most frequently worried crime in the hotel industry while robbery, theft, fraud, burglary, and sexual abuse were highly worried among the residents of host communities. Using factor analysis, Mechanical/personal (42.7%), human (19.5%), economic (11.53%), and environmental factors (8.49%) were the factors influencing the feelings of insecurity among hotel staff while human/personal (49.30%), economic (11.261%), mechanical (7.49%), and environmental factor (6.52%) were the factors among residents of host communities. The study concluded that irrespective of the geographical area, feelings of insecurity is associated with different determinants and criminal activities vary based on several factors.