Effect of Women Empowerment on Family Life: Perception of Husband and Wife

Author(s): Md Maruf Billah

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Published: 2023-04-16


Women empowerment is considered as the powerhouse of global development. This study attempted to explore the perception of husband and wife regarding the effects of women empowerment on family life. The research was conducted at three upazila of Khulna district, Bangladesh. Data were collected from purposively selected ninety (90) respondents using a structured questionnaire during January 2023. The focus variable named as effect of women empowerment on family life was measured using a 5-point rating scale. Results indicated that, education is the key factor of enhancing women empowerment. The findings exposed that almost two-third (64.4%) of the male respondents perceived medium effect of women empowerment on family life while majority of the female counterparts (60%) perceived high effect respectively. However, majority (95.6%) of the male respondents opined that women empowerment generate more income to the family whereas most (98.3%) of the female respondents agreed that women empowerment is very effective in giving decision making power. It was found that respondents’ age, educational qualification, organizational participation, training exposure, cosmopolitanism, knowledge, and attitude demonstrate significant relationship with the focus variable. It is high time to change our attitude towards women empowerment for overall development of the world.