Analysis of Domestic Water Services in Yenagoa, Nigeria

Author(s): O. Ohwo, O. E. Ndakara

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Published: 2022-12-02

Abstract: The level of domestic water services largely influences household’s health and socioeconomic development. Hence, the study analyzed domestic water services in Yenagoa. Data for the study were obtained from responses to a structured questionnaire that was administered systematically to 400 household heads. The level of households’ domestic water services was determined using four domestic water service indicators (major domestic water source, time spent fetching water, quantity of water supply and household’s expenditure on water). The data was analyzed using percentages and a Domestic Water Service (DWS) model that integrates the responses to the categorized service indicators and produce a single value that indicates the level of households’ domestic water services. The value of the calculated DWS was 60.8%, which indicated that the average level of households’ water services in Yenagoa was moderate. The quantity of household water supply exerted the highest negative drag on the service level. With the current levels of domestic water services, Yenagoa might miss the SDG target 6.1 unless the poorly rated service indicators are adequately addressed.