Law, Culture and Society of Bangladesh: An Appraisal on Gender Issue

Author(s): Dr. A. S. M. Tariq Iqbal

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Published: 2022-11-11

Abstract: The discussion of gender in today's legal discourse is becoming more and more significant. In human communities and cultural creation, gender serves as a key organizing factor. Like class, race, and ethnicity, gender is commonly acknowledged as a cause of inequality. The society is dominated by patriarchy. The dominance is a result of attitude and stereotypical values. This is a social sickness that has to be controlled. Only gender sensitivity may modify this unfavorable attitude. In developing nations, there are clear gender inequalities in all areas, according to empirical data. Bangladesh, a typical developing nation with significant gender inequality, particularly in rural regions, is impeding that process of progress. The patriarchal character of the social order in Bangladesh has historically affected the lives of women. The purpose of this article is to examine and ascertain the status, types, and degree of gender inequality that exists in Bangladeshi law, culture, and society. Additionally, it offers practical suggestions for addressing gender inequality in Bangladesh.