Linkages between Integrator, Grower Involvement and Business Performance: Focus On Moderating Effect of Managerial Skill

Author(s): Ahmad Shabudin Ariffin, Shahimi Mohtar, Nazim Baluch

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Abstract: The aim of this study is to explain an investigation over the moderating effects relationship between integrator and grower involvement towards business performance in broiler production. The potential role of managerial skill as moderating variable between the aforementioned independent and the dependant variables are discussed. Broiler supply chain practices and its corresponding performance indicators in the form of broiler farming operations are among the important measures in the dependant variable (business performance). Based on the extensive survey of relevant literature, a research framework is then proposed. The content validity has been done by getting opinion from the experts namely Veterinary officers. Besides that the construct reliability is determined through value from Cronbach's Alpha. The data obtained was satisfactory for content validity and construct validity also fit the model as proposed previously.