Relationship between Awareness of Sustainable Agriculture and Fertilizer Usage by Iranian Farmers in the City Of Bajestan in Khorasan Province: A Case Study

Author(s): M.R. Shahpasand

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Abstract: This study strove to determine farmers' awareness of sustainable agriculture and its relationship with fertilizer consumption. It is based on information collected from survey and a researcher-made questionnaire. The face validity (based on expert opinion) and reliability (Coronbach Alfa coefficient) were established for the questionnaire. The statistical population consisted of 5500 farmers in Bajestan County and the sample size was determined by Cochrane formula (n= 140) through a random sampling technique. Correlation analysis showed significant and positive relationship between the variables of manure, environmental pollution, use of resources for production, soil conservation and the preservation and restoration of resources, use of ammonium sulfate to produce a range of basic resources as well as between urea and ammonium nitrate fertilizers and improved agricultural activities. However, there is no significant relationship between Phosphate and Potash fertilizers, and none of the variables studied.