Development of Double Haploid Lines from F1 Cross of Yar-8 x Thee Htat Yin Genotypes through Anther Culture

Author(s): Hsu Yi Mon, Khin Thida Myint, Htet Aung Htut, Nyo Mar Htwe

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Published: 2020-07-15

Abstract: Anther culture has become a powerful technique for the rapid production of double haploid lines in crop breeding program. The objectives of this experiment were to examine the callusing and green plant regeneration ability of parents (Yar -8 and Thee Htat Yin) and their F1, and to develop the double haploid lines from the cross of Yar-8 and Thee Htat Yin genotypes. Nitsch and Nitsch (N6) medium with 2 mg.L-12, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 0.5 mg.L-1 kinetin was used for callus induction and Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium with 1 mg.L-1 Naphthalene acetic acid, 1 mg.L-1 Indole 3-acetic acid, 1 mg.L-1 Indole 3-butric acid, and 2 mg.L-1 kinetin was used for green plant regeneration. Callus induction was successfully observed in both parents and their F1. Plant regeneration from regenerated callus was dependent on the genotypes. Only Yar-8 and F1 progenies produced green plants as well as albino plants. Out of total 14 plants, 10 plants were double haploid (DH) plants. These double haploid lines (DH) could be done further evaluation to develop improved rice lines in Myanmar.

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