Changes in some Soil properties, Growth and Yield of Tomato as Affected by the Application of Poultry Dropping and NPK Fertilizer on a Humid Alfisol in Southwestern Nigeria

Author(s): Michael Rotimi Olojugba, Sajo Opeyemi

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Published: 2019-10-01

Abstract: The effect of integrating poultry droppings and NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer on soil fertility and tomato yield were studied to investigate the effect of organic and inorganic fertilizer on soil properties, growth and yield of tomato. The experiment was laid out as a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four treatments and three replicates. The experiment was conducted at the teaching and research farm of Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji, Nigeria between June to September in 2016 and August to November 2016. A 12m × 15m plot was demarcated for the experiment. The plot was partitioned into three blocks of 4m×15m. Each 4m×15m block was further divided into four smaller plots of 3m x 3m separated by buffer of 1.0m wide. The treatments were: Control; NPK -15-15-15 at 250kg ha-1; Poultry droppings (PD) at 5.0 t ha-1; and NPK 15-15-15 (125 kg) + PD (2.5 t) ha-1.. At four and six weeks after transplanting (WAT), height, diameter and biomass of the tomato plant were determined. At maturity (six weeks after transplanting) the weight of tomato fruit was determined. The combined NPK + PD treatment recorded the highest values for the height, diameter and biomass (fresh and dry) of the plant. The yield of tomato was also highest in the plot treated with NPK + PD. Soil properties were significantly improved by applying the treatments.  In conclusion, integrating poultry droppings and NPK 15-15-15 has more benefits over NPK or poultry droppings alone.

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