Evaluation of the National Special Programme on Food Security (SPFS) in Plateau State, Nigeria

Panwal Ephraim Fomyol, L.A. Tata


The study was conducted to evaluate performance of National Special Programme for Food Security Programme in Plateau state. The specific objectives are; examine the socio-economic characteristics of the beneficiaries, determine and analyze the technical efficiency in resource use of the beneficiaries, determine costs and returns of Food crops of the beneficiaries (Farmers) and examine and ascertain the determinants of the productivity of the major crops in the study area. Linear production function gave an R2 value of about 50% and F- values of about 13.6. the significance of the F-value also point to the fact that the regressors were collectively responsible for the variation in output. The significant of the calculated Z – statistics at (p<0.05) also indicated that the beneficiary farmers is statistically profitable in the study are. Other problems such as inadequate funding, late supply of farm inputs and poor marketing outlets are major constraints facing NSPFS beneficiary farmers.

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