Acceleration of Transfer of Findings as a New Strategy the Iranian National Innovation System Lessons from Agricultural Extension in Iran

Peyman Falsafi, Mehdi Kerdari, Somayeh Jangchi Kashani


The main approach of Transfer of findings plan is based on the work and cooperation of research, extension, education and executive subdivisions, integration and application of the available resources, accelerating transfer of technical advice and findings of research performed in the form of integrated approach taken from participatory and conventional approaches. The plan of acceleration of Transfer of findings using participatory methods and participation of (farmers) in all stages of the program from (assessment) to evaluation leads to fill the gap between extension, research and farmer. Its purpose is generation, adaptation and dissemination of new technologies among farmers and it is one of the subsystems of agricultural knowledge and information system that also considers improvement of different levels of human resource development for farmers. So the aim of this study is to introduce the plan of accelerating Transfer of Findings in the agricultural sector. Information in this article are obtained from review of research done by researchers on agricultural extension system of Iran with a combined review and meta-analytical approach through study of literature, articles, research and other scientific resources.

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