A History of U.S.S.R. Encroachment of Afghanistan and the Developments in U.S. Foreign Policy

Ali Imran, Dong Xiaochuan


The study of “A History of U.S.S.R Encroachment on Afghanistan and the Developments in U.S Foreign Policy” will examine the significant point towards Afghan internal situation, particularly towards the Afghanistan’s political situation, Soviet initial reluctant policies towards Afghanistan and eventually rapid changes in U.S.S.R policy in the form of encroachment on Afghanistan. Furthermore, this imperative study will evaluate the U.S foreign policy towards Soviet encroachment on Afghanistan, revenge to Soviet Union on Vietnam War, use of CIA for aiding to Afghan insurgents and the key role of U.S decision makers.  Finally, we will discuss the U.S winning points of this US-Soviet Cold War. This study has been distributed in three main parts, first part of study will discuss about the Afghanistan’s internal and political situation, second part of study will evaluate the Soviet’s initial reluctant policies towards Afghanistan and further discussion about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. U.S interests towards Central Asia, U.S foreign policy towards U.S.S.R encroachment of Afghanistan and critical steps in U.S foreign policy will be discussed in the third part of this study and furthermore, in the third part, we will discuss about the Brazanki’s interview in which he accepted the U.S hidden role in Cold War and supporting Afghanistan’s insurgents against the U.S.S.R.

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