Exploration on Chinese Traditional Security Culture - From the Perspective of Confucianism

Lunhua Tan, Chuandong Ma


The Chinese traditional culture with a long history of five thousand years is extensive and profound. Confucian, one of the most important representative of Chinese traditional culture, has advocated its moral standard "benevolence", whose connotation defined by Confucius is "to love and care for others", and its essence is to respect life. When one’s life is threatened, Confucius believes that life is the most important and assuring the safety of life is the supreme principle. He even uplifts this kind of behavior to the level of "filial piety" and "righteousness" in the Confucian ethical framework. Confucius's life attitude and safety behavior lay a solid cultural foundation for today's four principles of safety culture: not to harm oneself, not to hurt others, not to be hurt by others and to protect others from harm.

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