Types, Causes and Management of Indiscipline Acts among Secondary School Students in Shomolu Local Government Area of Lagos State

A.A. Ali, I.T. Dada, G.A. Isiaka, S.A. Salmon


Acts of indiscipline among students especially at the secondary level of education is a universal challenge that is facing every school in all parts of the world. Based on this realization, the purpose of this paper is to explore the various acts of indiscipline, its causes and how it is being managed in different school settings. The population covers all administrative staff, teaching staff and the students who were regarded as stakeholders of the school system. The sample size of ninety (90) respondents was randomly selected across the groups of administrators, teachers and students. The data collected by structured questionnaires were analyzed using descriptive statistics, while analysis of variance (ANOVA) and t-test of independent samples were employed as statistical tools to test the four hypotheses. The findings of this study revealed that various acts of indiscipline were prevalent among secondary school students. It was also gathered that several factors like the schools, students and the society at large contributed greatly to the acts of indiscipline among the students. It was also found that reduction strategies employed by various schools are not effective and as a result, the study recommended among other things that a wholesome approach to manage students’ discipline should be adopted by the administrators and other stakeholders of the schools.

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