Appraisal of Multivocality in Both Versions of the Novel 10:01

Ladan Modir, Sohaimi Abdul Aziz, Leila Modir


This paper compared the concept of multivocality in the narrative structures of both printed and hypertext versions of the postmodern novel 10:01 by Lance Olsen. The motivation behind this assessment is to point to specific aspects of its implication and reader’s experiences while interacting with numerous characters. The purpose of this paper is to account for changing reader’s role, which is reinforced by multivocality in an interactive environment. This evaluation indicated that how mutivocality in the digital environment fosters readers’ different roles to engage in a story and incorporate their identities toward fictional characters. Further, it would prove that reading and interpretation of printed texts are far more participatory when readers encounter various layers of meaning in a digital space. Recognition that some English novels are renovated by introduction of the internet and digital space, this paper is an inevitable area of research.

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