Phenomenological Psychology as an Intelligence Tradecraft for the Church Ministering to Her Religious Neighbours in Nigeria

Stephen Oladele Ayankeye


It is common knowledge that Africa  as a developing continent has a lot to grapple with in the bid to making life bearable for the citizens socially, economically, and technologically. Intelligence and security reports have continually indicated that some countries in the continent are still confronted with inter-religious crises. Nigeria is one of such countries which continually wallow in inter-religious upheavals. The key religious neighbours who are regularly at one another’s throat are Christians and Muslims. Yet, the Church needs to minister to the world as mandated by Jesus Christ, the head of the Church. This paper has therefore, examined the nature and ministry of the Church, and the way the Church has faced persecution. Strategies for cordial relationship  between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria are thereby recommended from a phenomenological psychological point of view as a tradecraft. Key among the recommendations is that the image of God in all human beings should be given prime of place while ministering to religious neighbours or handling religious differences.

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