The Theatre of the Absurd

SamerZiyad Al Sharadgeh


The Theatre of Absurd started in the early 20th Century by a group of dramatists who considered themselves intellectuals and wanted to show their reaction to the realistic dramatists of the 19thCentury who were very popular in their time. The Theatre of Absurd was a reaction against the realistic drama of the 19thCentury. Gradually this movement became very popular among the audience of the time. Martin Esslin made the form popular. He wrote a book entitled Absurd Drama which propagates the theory and principles of Absurd Drama. Many dramatists like Samuel Beckett, Eugene O’ Neil, Arthur Adamov,and EdwardAlbee etc.Wrote many absurd plays which became very popular among the audience. Although it declined in beginning of the 21st century but still even in our age there are some dramatists like Harold Pinter, who wrote Absurd plays. In this paper we will discuss the definition of Absurd plays, a brief history of Absurd Movement and chief characteristics of the absurd Drama.

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