Deconstructing the Colonial Legacy through the Naming Process in Independent Zimbabwe

Author(s): Magudu Snodia, Muguti Tasara, Mutami Nicholas

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Abstract: When Zimbabwe attained national independence from the British in 1980, the new black leadership faced many social, economic and political challenges which needed to be addressed in one way or the other. Immediate attention was given to the need to reverse the colonial legacy of racial discrimination in accessing resources and services but there were other subtle heritages, such as place names, which needed to be addressed if true independence was to be realized. This paper examines the extent to which the change of place names, buildings and other infrastructure has contributed in deconstructing the colonial legacy and rebranding the country to give it a truly Zimbabwean identity. It is asserted however, that the process of deconstructing the legacy of colonial names is still incomplete and a lot remains to be done in this respect for Zimbabwe to reflect its true black heritage.

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