Tourists’ Awareness and Perception of Indigenous Foods and Beverages in Jos Metropolis, Plateau State Nigeria

Author(s): D.Y. Orga, Dalhatu Angela

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Published: 2024-06-03


The study assessed tourists’ awareness and perception of indigenous foods and beverages in Jos metropolis in Plateau State Nigeria. Three objectives achieved by the study; to identify indigenous foods and beverage, awareness of indigenous foods and beverages and tourists’ perception of indigenous foods and beverages in Jos metropolis.  This study used survey research design. Study population consisted of estimated two hundred (200) tourists and used Krejcie and Morgan sample size table to select sample size of one hundred and Thirty-two (132) tourists (respondents). Structured questionnaires were developed and administered among the one hundred and thirty-two (132) tourists (respondents) randomly selected during the study period in Jos metropolis to gather data from the tourists. In some cases interviews were conducted alongside the administration of the structured questionnaires where necessary, as a mean of assisting the respondents to understand the content of the questions and be interested in the exercise. Descriptive statistics such as mean were used to present the data. Mean (x) values were used. Thus, mean was used to measure tourists’ awareness and perception: a mean score of 3.5 and above indicates positive or accepted and mean score of below 3.5 indicates negative or rejected. The study identified indigenous foods and beverages, and tourists are aware of indigenous foods and beverages in Jos metropolis which include Gwate, Tuwon Acha, Tuwon Dawa, Naman Ridi, Kwado Rizga, Kunun Tamba, Kunun Acha, Kunun Zaki, Bwerik hwass’ and Mwos, or Burkutu. Tourists Perception of indigenous foods and beverages in Jos metropolis is positive.  The study recommended that indigenous foods and beverages should be available at all times of the day to clients/tourists, and restaurant employees need appropriate training to increase their capacity to deliver prompt foods and beverages to tourists and  curtail delays.