Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Religious Activities and Faith of Worshippers in Kenya; A Case Study of Narok Town, Kenya

Author(s): Sambu Alice, Kweingoti Reuben, Cherotich Mary Gabriel, Abdalla Hamadi Salimin

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Published: 2021-01-12

Abstract: The novel covid-19 pandemic led to change in lifestyles and other social activities including religious gatherings. In Kenya, the government restricted attendance of worship places in March, 2020 to help curb the spread of covid-19. This study sought to determine the impact of this restriction on the members faith and activities towards their religions. A descriptive survey was carried out in Narok town, as a representative of other parts of the country. Questionnaire and interview guide as well as observation were used for data collection. The study found out that majority of the members still had strong faith in their religious doctrines and leaders. About half of the respondents were still actively engaged in other religious activities such as reading holy books and following weekly sermons on media. However, there was a significant difference in most religious activities carried out by worshippers before and after the pandemic. Radio and television were the most exploited media of transmitting weekly sermons. A good proportion of the respondents were afraid that continuous absenteeism from worship places would significantly alter their faith.

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