The Role of VCB (Village Conslutative Body) in the Supervision of the Management of Village Fund in Indonesia

Author(s): Tatiek Sri Djatmiati, Abd. Shomad, Bambang Suheryadi, Rizky Putra Zulkarnain

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Abstract: The enforcement of the Village Law results in the very large amount of fund continuously flowing to the villages and each year it always increases. Therefore, it is highly necessary to have a more effective management of it in accordance with development of the priorities in the village. Some problems arise due to the powerful authority to manage the finances and resources but it not balanced with the control in the use of village budgets. A strict supervision from the local community is very important to do so that any deviations, waste, diversion, obstacles, mistakes, and failures in the financial management of the village funds can be avoided, and the goals and objectives are successfully achieved. VCB as the community representatives in carrying out the functions and roles are always involved in the activities starting from absorbing the aspirations of the people, planning, and monitoring so that the utilization of the village funds is in accordance with the public interests and maximally used for the development in order to create a just and prosperous society in all regions of Indonesia. A stricter supervision in the management of the village fund started from empowering the village communities to participate in planning, implementating, and reporting any activities supported by the village funds. It is hughly expected that the involvement of the village community leads to the optimal used of the village funds for the public interests in accordance with the needs of the community.

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