Block Design Attributes and Residents Livability in Ogbomoso, Nigeria

Akindele O. Akin, Okanlawon S. A.


The major brunt of inefficient planning is bore by residents within the area most proximal to their living, working, shopping or playing spaces. Against this background, the study analyses the livability correlates of block layout designs in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. Google Earth (2016) application was used to randomly capture 20 salient areas of the city using quadrant method. A questionnaire was also administered to 610 residents in a multi stage sampling procedure to elicit information on block layout performance and residents livability. Likert scaling was used to summarize ordinal data.  Chi-square was used to explain the variation in the quality of block design across residential areas. Regression analysis was also used to explain the relationship between the quality of block design and environmental liveability. A reliable interdependence was observed (R = .701) between residents liveability index (RLI) and block design index (BDI). The study thus recommended an active joint participation involving the government through town planners and the developers to foster efficient city design of blocks and to guarantee liveable communities.

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