Translation of "Matti ki Mona Liza" Into "Mona Liza Made of Clay"

Author(s): Abdul Bari Khan Niazi, Sumera Yasmeen, Amina Batool, Tayaba Bashir

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Translation is a process of conveying a source text into a target text which should reflect the contents of the original text. Translation is a practice in which the translator tries to find out the closest equivalent meaning of a source text into the target text language. Translation aims at telling the same idea or information as in the original. In this article the translators have chosen the text, that is a short story "Matti ki Mona Liza" (in Urdu) called "Mona Liza Made of Mud" (in English). The source text was written by A.Hameed, a renowned and legendry Urdu writer. By translating an Urdu short story into English language the translators wanted to present an incredible and splendid piece of Urdu literature to the readers at world level. Another aim was to contribute to the field of Applied Linguistics.

The translators have selected the discipline of Applied Linguistics with particular focus on the theory of equivalence in translation. The methods of literal, semantic and faithful translation have been used in order to establish the closest equivalence between the source text and the target text. English is selected as the language of the target text.

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