Solid Waste Management Contribution to the Attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals

Author(s): Patrick Aaniamenga Bowan

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Published: 2023-11-23

Abstract: Solid waste management (SWM) has the potential to contribute to the achievement of many of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), even though SWM is not specifically mentioned in any of the 17 SDGs. This study assesses the potential of SWM contribution to the attainment of the SDGs, using Wa Municipality in Ghana as a case study. The study adopted an explanatory sequential research design and applied both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The study revealed that the Wa Municipality’s SWM system involves some solid waste (SW) storage, collection, transport, and final open dumping of the SW without treatment, which does not present opportunities for SWM to contribute to the attainment of some of the SDGs. Improvements in SWM, through the adoption of appropriate SWM processing technologies will substantially contribute to better living conditions and better health for residents and possibly lead to the attainment of some of the SDGs in the Wa Municipality.