Pollution and the Urban Aesthetics in the Industrial Districts of Lagos, Nigeria; Any Correlation?

Adejompo Fagbohunka


The paper examines the reciprocal tendencies between the environmental pollution and the urban aesthetics in the industrial districts of Lagos, Nigeria. A total of two hundred and forty questionnaires were randomly administered in twelve industrial districts of the Lagos region. Data were descriptively and inferentially analyzed. Also, secondary sources of data were adopted. The study posits that urban aesthetics could be understood from the perspective of industrial pollution. The paper reveals the following types of pollution as potent and influencing on the urban aesthetics; air, water and land pollution. The research bewrays the pertinence of the following indices to urban aesthetics; clean water and air, infrastructures, housing, health and sanitary environment. The canonical correlation analysis between the industrial pollution and the urban aesthetics revealed a value 3.6358 which was significant at 0.05 levels. The paper recommends a massive public enlightenment campaign to educate the masses; especially the entrepreneurs on the essence of curtailing pollution; while developmental activities should be carried out in a way that will make the cities livable and sustain urban aesthetics. Finally governments should strictly enforce the environmental laws.

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