On The Right Path towards Benefiting From Tourism; A Compendious Debate on Sustainability

Author(s): Hamed Rezapouraghdam, Omidali Kahrizi, Raheleh Hassannia

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Abstract: If well planned, tourism is considered to transfer viable and valuable sources of positive impacts to the local destinations. There have been many debates on the issue of sustainability in recent decades and hundreds of tourism plans have been proposed out of which just a handful could entice the admiration of the scientific communities. The secrets behind those successful master plans are their holistic and comprehensive perspectives that not only consider the benefits of each single stakeholder engaged in the plans but elucidate how to achieve such extent of participation through the plans they propose. In this research it has been tried to focus on one of the most outstanding tourism planning debates to attract the attention of the communities where the viability of such prospects for the cognizance of the tourism inadequacies has been underestimated. Northern Cyprus selected as a research area and the planning status of Famagusta city of this small island illustrated accordingly.