Evaluation of the Viewpoint of Villagers in Ab Shirin Region of Kashan City About the Role of Extension Programs in Agricultural Development and Poverty Reduction Through the Provision of Low-Interest Credit

Peyman Falsafi, Somayeh Jangchi Kashani, Marjan Parsmehr


Agriculture can be considered one of the most important economic sectors, which has allocated to itself a significant percentage of the employees. So pay attention to this part of the economy and great cortex of workers and also development and improvement of its current is unavoidable. However, agricultural development depends on the backing of the government and organizations involved, because low-income segments account for most agricultural workers. Low-interest financing is one way of empowering low-income segments and is meant to provide loans with small amounts and without collateral to these classes that person is obliged to repay them in the short-term. Hence, the promotional schedule for the appropriate use of credits to reduce poverty and agricultural development is inevitable. The purpose of this study is evaluation of the viewpoint of villagers in the Ab shirin region of Kashan city about the role of extension programs in agricultural development and poverty reduction through the provision of low-interest credit that is done using the descriptive – correlation. The statistical population of this study is about 1296 people in the rural area of Ab Shirin in Kashan city, that 144 of them were selected as sample by using Cochran formula. A self-designed questionnaire was used for data collection. The questionnaire's validity was applied with business experts Agricultural Extension and Education and Cronbach's alpha test was approved about 89 percent. Reliability of the research is obtained by using SPSS software. The results showed that willingness of farmers to use the funds provided by the Agricultural Bank is positive. Based on the results, there is a significant relationship between impacts of extension programs the proper use of the funds provided by the government to reduce poverty.

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