Determinants of Technical Efficiency among Rice Farmers in Kogi State, Nigeria

O.E. Ataboh, J.C. Umeh, P.T. Tsue


The study used a stochastic production frontier analysis to analyze the determinants of technical efficiency among rice farmers in Kogi State, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select a sample size of 288 rice farmers in Kogi State through a well structured questionnaire. The study noted that farm size, seed and fertilizer were the most important factors increasing rice productivity. Also, the technical efficiency of rice farmers varied due to the presence of technical inefficiency with the mean efficiency value of 0.54 implying that about 46% of rice output is lost due to inefficiency on the part of farmers. Variables such as age (-0.05), household size (-2.38), and the use of improved variety (-0.10) caused an increase in technical efficiency of farmers. The productivity of the factors could be improved by expanding the farmsize, increasing the quantity of seed, fertilizer use and increasing  the level of labour while alternative sources of agrochemicals be employed by farmers in other to boost production. The farmers should be encouraged to use improved varieties of rice in order to increase their technical efficiency.

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