Global Food Security: An Agricultural Perspective

Christos Stefanis


Food security has always been very crucial issue to human civilizations through the ages. In the last decades there is a growing concern about the impacts of economic development/crisis and population growth on global food security and food production. The objective of this review was to systematically summarize the food security definitions, global food security concept and finally to highlight the role that agriculture has to play not only in feeding the world but also in sustainability and ecosystem services at global scale. To identify articles relevant to our topic we searched three scientific databases -Pub Med, Scopus and Science Direct- for English-language publications from January 2000 to April 2013. A review of the literature identified 1945 articles, but after screening by titles, abstracts and full papers, only 35 papers were selected. These papers identified a wide range of factors associated with food security and agriculture. It is a great challenge to feed nine billion people in the world and this challenge requires changes not only in agriculture production but also in global food security agenda for the next decades.

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