Eco-Friendly Management Strategies for Gray Leaf Spot Disease of Sorghum Using Cultivar Selection and Seed Dressing Fungicides in Maiduguri, Nigeria

B.A. Tunwari, H. Nahunnaro, A.B. Anaso


Gray leaf spot is one of the most important foliage diseases of sorghum. A study on the fungicidal seed treatment and screening sorghum cultivars on gray leaf spot disease was investigated in a split plot arrangement using four seed dressing fungicides (Metalaxyl, Captan, Thiobendazole and Benomyl), untreated control and five sorghum cultivars (ICSV111, ICSV400, ICSH89002NG, ICSH89009NG and Q-L INDIA). The combined results of the two year revealed that synergistic interaction of cultivars (ICSV111, ICSV400, ICSH89002NG and ICSH89009NG) with Apron plus 50Ds significantly reduced severity at 60 DAS from 40 to 25% compared with untreated check. Similarly, Cultivars ((ICSV111 and ICSV400) with Apron plus 50Ds brought about significant reduction in logistic infection from 0.023 to 0.0006 units per day over untreated check. This further culminated into better seedling establishment and grain yield were increased.

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