Green Technologies for African Agriculture and Energy and Possible Strategies for Incubation and Development

Mkpado, Mmaduabuchukwu


African agriculture and energy needs are among current issues in developing literature. Using secondary data and extensive literature, the performance of African agriculture with other regions in terms of capacity of export was examined. It found that African agriculture is less competitive.  It further explored classical and new technologies for African agriculture and energy development amidst climate change to remedy the situation. The technologies explores includes integrated aquaculture/crop/energy production system.  Drip irrigation not only for food crops but also for plantation crops, green house technologies such as ‘aeroponics’ for growing potatoes and seawater greenhouse for producing vegetables. The paper examined also the strategies for implementation of the innovation. The discussion explored the use of contact farmers, value chain financing, agricultural cooperatives, school to land agriculture, restructured farm settlement scheme and small medium scale enterprises funding strategy to incubate and developed the innovations. It concludes by opining that the ongoing call for African agricultural transformation can adopt the approached presented in order to create wealth, alleviate poverty and contribute to climate change mitigation and low carbon energy production.

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