Dissemination of Scientific Research Findings, A Prerequisite for National Development

Solomon Gyasi-Boakye, Anthony Bonnah-Koomson


This study investigates the dissemination of research findings generated by the institutes under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to the general public in Ghana. To achieve the objectives of the investigation, two state owned dailies; the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times were sampled for the study coverring 2001 and 2002. Issues on the CSIR and its institutes which received adequate publication, the subject matter which received greatest coverage and which institute received the most coverage for its activities were examined. The Daily Graphic published more stories (32) representing 64% on the CSIR than the Ghanaian Times (18) representing 36%. Generally, however, the CSIR did not receive much coverage from the two dailies. Out of 1248 issues sampled, only 46 issues were related to the CSIR, providing a total of 50 stories. Lack of requisite expertise of journalists of both papers in science and technology might be a contributory factor. The subject matter which pre-dominated the two dailies was technology transfer. The CRI was the most featured institute under the CSIR. For economic advancement, it is imperative that science and technology is disseminated to the generality of the public and it could start with frequent publication of the scientific findings of the CSIR institutes by the media.

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