Mini-Livestock Farming as a Strategy for Food Security in Oyo State of Nigeria

Author(s): Ogunniyi Laudia Titilola, Oluwafemi Zacchaeus Olaniyi, Adepoju Adenike Adebusola

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Abstract: This study was carried out in Oyo state of Nigeria. The population of the study was all mini-livestock farmers in Oyo State. The sample for this study was selected using both purposive and random sampling techniques. Primary data was collected with the use of a well-structured questionnaire from 120 households in the study area. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, Food Security Index and Logit model. The average age and household size of the respondents were 44 years and 7 members respectively. The mean years of experience were 10.3 years. The result further reveals that age, gender, marital status, household size and household experience have significant effect on household food security status in the study area.

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