Physicochemical Properties, Fatty Acids and Epoxidation Reaction of Cucumeropsis Edulis Seeds Oil (Cucurbitaceae) from Gabon

Author(s): Mefouet Abessolo DD, Abogo Mebale AJ, Menye Biyogo R, Massimba Dibama H, Pérez-Sena WY, Leveneur S

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Published: 2021-07-20


The Cucumeropsis edulis seeds oil was extracted by the Soxhlet method with a yield of 51.17%. This oil has been tested for its physicochemical properties, fatty acids and for epoxidation reaction. The results showed that the refractive index was 1.4708. The density and Kinematic viscosity values were 0.9211 g / Cm3 and 33 mm2.s respectively. The acid and peroxide values were 5.7 mg KOH / g and 2.6 meq O2 / Kg. The saponification and esterification number values were 193.4 and 192.2 mg KOH / g respectively. The water content (7.56%) and the calorific value (39695.2 KJ / Kg). H-NMR revealed that the main fatty acids were linoleic acid (67.29%), oleic acid (10%) and saturated fatty acid (22.54%). The epoxidation reaction gave the following results: conversion (96%), reaction yield (50%) and selectivity (52%).


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