Harnessing Agricultural Services Centers for Agricultural Extension Services: A case Study Gezira state-Wad Medani Great Locality, Sudan

Author(s): Adam Elradi M. Ali, Mohammed Adam A. Hamad, Mohamed Atta A. Abdallh, Mutasim Ali M. Elagab

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Published: 2020-07-15

Abstract: Agricultural Services Centers expect to plays an important role in facilitate marketing of most agricultural commodities such as seeds, feed, fertilizers and pesticides. This paper attempts to realize the Importance of agricultural services centers in supporting agricultural extension services in the study area. The study based on two sources of data, primary and secondary, the primary quantitative and qualitative data were collected from field survey using structured questionnaire (in-depth and repeated interview) which designed and pre-tested. Fifty seven respondents (members ASCs) were randomly selected to represent the study population. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software was used for data analysis (Descriptive Statistic) in addition to correlation and regression analysis to test significant level of variables. The findings indicated that 98% of the respondents were explained that the link with farmers was direct link, 53% stated that the farmers they visits them to get information. 90% of the respondents reported that they provided farmers with input and information, 98% of them explained that their source of inputs was imported companies, and 91% explained that their method to present the information to the farmers was personal explanation. The results of correlation and regression analysis showed Education level had high significant correlation with link with extension (.001) the value (.430), High significant correlation also with the link with extension and Components that you consider more useful in giving information sig (.000) value (.772) and the available components in case of problem sig (.000) value (.774). Imported companies had significant regression value (.457 beta) (.042) in information exchange other partners had no significant. Conclusion: Agricultural Services Centers enhance the role of agricultural extension through marketing of most agricultural commodities. The paper recommends that the service centers workers should look after the recommended information and follow up their inputs after sailing process to the farmers, the extension view should be more than the trading view.

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