Assessing the Sustainability of Horticultural Farms in Central Senegal: An Adaptation of the IDEA Method

Author(s): Amy Faye, Emanuele Zucchini, Yacine Ngom, Patrizio Vignaroli, Vieri Tarchiani, Djiby Dia

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Published: 2020-03-06


This paper evaluates the sustainability of the different forms of horticulture farms (individual and collective) in the Groundnut Basin of Senegal using an adapted version of the IDEA method to the Senegal context.

Results show that collective farms have higher sustainability scores than individual farms. Also, collective farms are more sustainable in the agroecological scale while individual farms are more sustainable in the economic scale. Results also suggest that although IDEA can be adapted to both individual and collective horticulture farms of Senegal, there is a need to include a fourth scale that will integrate the institutional and organizational features of collective farms as well as the socio-political and research context that can enable or hinder the adoption of sustainable farm practices.

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