Impact of Reinforcing Agro Dealer Networks on Agricultural Productivity in Niger

Adam Mamadou, Robert Darko Osei, Isaac Osei-Akoto


Agricultural production in Niger has been plagued with low productivity and, as such, low incomes for the majority of the country’s small-scale farmers, due largely to poor soil quality and arid climate conditions. Input-use is a crucial part of the solution to these problems. However, the rate of adoption remains low among farmers in Niger. One way in which they hoped to deal with this challenge was to train agro-dealers in three regions in Niger namely, Maradi, Tahoua and Zinder. This study sought to evaluates the effect of agro-dealer training in input use and handling, and crucial business practices, on the behaviours of the small-scale farmers that they serve. The evaluation looked at the performance of two treatment groups, who received training only or training plus demonstration, randomly assigned to agro-dealers. Though the design of the study followed a randomized phased-in approach and an IV approach in estimating the impact. The main findings of the study were Training plus demonstration plots increased adoption of improved seed, showing the added value of the demonstration component in the intervention, in encouraging seed use.

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