Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Colour Profile of Paneer Stored at 3±1 º C

Swati Shrivastava, Sumit Goyal, G.K. Goyal


Paneer, an acid coagulated dairy product, is very popular in Indian subcontinent, but its shelf life is quite low being approx. 6 days at refrigeration temperature. Hence, a study was planned to increase the shelf life of paneer by employing MAP technique. Two hundred fifty grams of paneer samples were packaged in high barrier bags (LLD/BA/Nylon-6/ BA/ LDPE) under five different atmospheres (air: atm 1; vacuum: atm 2; 100% CO2: atm 3; 100% N2: atm 4; 50% CO2/ 50% N2: atm 5), and stored at 3±1 °C. Periodically, the quality of paneer was evaluated for changes in colour profile, viz., Hunter Lab colour profile, Hunter Lab Total colour difference, Relative yellowness and Hue angle.

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