The Concept of Biodiversity and its Relevance to Mankind: A Short Review

Dickson Adom, Krishnan Umachandran, Parisa Ziarati, Barbara Sawicka, Paul Sekyere


Biodiversity plays significant roles in the lives of humans. Unfortunately, global statistics indicate a speedy decline in the numbers of flora and fauna diversities, with extinction threats for many of them. This short review paper explains the scope of biodiversity while highlighting its tremendous aid to mankind as well as its intrinsic and anthropogenic values that justifies the need for their conservation and sustainable use. The paper relied on extensive review and interpretative analysis of existing secondary literature on the subject and provides synthesizing interactions between biodiversity and their ecosystems. The paper unveils the direct and indirect benefits of biodiversity which are pertinent to life sustenance. It cautions governments to support bodies and institutions that are tasked with the responsibility of conserving biodiversity. This support in the form of logistics and funding would aid them in carrying out the education and sensitization programs on the need to conserve biodiversity for the perpetual sustenance of the lives of the current and future generations.

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