Effect of Manual Screw Press Utilization on Output, Income, and Standard of Living of Gari Processors in Kwara State, Nigeria

Adegbola Adetayo Jacob, Wegh Francis Shagbaor, Ikwuba Agnes Agbanugo, Nwafor Solomon Chimela


The study assessed the effect of utilization of manual screw press for gari production on output, income, and standard of living of gari processors in four local government areas across the ADP zones in Kwara state, Nigeria. Using multistage sampling technique and a semi-structured questionnaire as instrument, data for the study were collected from a sample of three hundred and eighty four (384) gari processors who use the screw press in the state. Descriptive statistics namely frequency count, percentages and mean was used for analysis of generated field data. The study revealed a 35.5 percent increase in gari production was achieved with utilization of the screw press for gari production. Also, average annual income from gari processing after utilization went from N809662 to N1249375; 35.19 percent increase. Furthermore, average household properties owned by processors went from 2.31 before utilization to 3.24 after utilization which is an increase of 28.7 percent. The study concluded that utilization of manual screw press by gari producers in Kwara state has lead to increased output, a higher income, and a better standard of living for gari producers. These increases would most probably lead to increase in their probability of escaping poverty, and in the long run would lead to sustainable food security for the country.

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