Hatchability of Fertile Eggs in Poultry Industry

Onyinye C. Ogbu, Mary A. Oguike


Hatchability is a trait of major economic importance on the poultry industry, because it has a strong effect on chick output. For poultry production at all scales to operate, it is solely dependent on regular or continuous supply of day old chicks. Besides egg cannot hatch, if they are not fertile. Hence the various factors which can influence the hatchability of a fertile egg in a contemporary situation includes environment of the egg, nutrients for the poultry, the laying bird, the egg itself, and tools used for hatchability processes. These factors bring about problems associated with poor hatchability like early embryonic death, egg rots, dead- in- shell chicks, prolonged pre-incubation storage, incubators and hatcheries malfunctions. Therefore to ensure successful production of day old chicks through successful, and prompt hatchability of fertile eggs, proper selection, management of breeding stocks, also improved handling of fertile eggs and correct incubating process are veritable tools.

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