Alternate Solutions Towards Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture in Ghana: Review of Literature

Author(s): Henry Mensah, Bachar Ibrahim

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Irrigated agriculture management is still not effective in Ghana. The growing recognition of irrigation problems and its impact on the economy and environment have prompted the government of Ghana to implement plans and strategies to encourage new developments and technologies to promote sustainable irrigated agriculture. The study aims at identifying sustainable ways in promoting irrigated agriculture in Ghana. literature search and thematic analysis of the literature were used and the themes identified provide the basis for the study. The results were that sustainability can be achieved if there is effective WUA management, strong irrigation facility, effective farmers training, improving extension capacity to deliver, sustainable irrigation techniques and effective collaboration. In conclusion, irrigation sectors should take full advantage of abundant water resource in Ghana and ensure that irrigation is handled in a way that protects the environment for the present generation without compromising the benefits of the future generations.