Economics of On-Farm Sorghum – Legume Strip Cropping System in Kano State, Nigeria

A.B. Mohammed, A. H. Wudil, M. I. Daneji, J. M. Jibrin, M. A. Hussaini, I.B. Mohammed


The study was conducted to carry out Economics of Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) on-farm Sorghum-legume strip cropping system in Kano State. Structured questionnaire was used and data were collected from 229 farmers randomly selected from three purposively selected Local Government Areas (LGAs). The Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, gross margin analysis, profitability ratios and Paired T-test. The results revealed that 75.6% of the farmers were in active age of within 25-54 years with a mean age of 45 years. Majority of the farmers were male (93.4%); 58.5% had acquired qua’ranic education and 97.4% were married with many household size of between 7-11 household (46.3%).  The results of gross margin showed that the improved practice made a profit of N65, 931.64k/ha and a return on every naira invested of N2.08, compared with N56, 008.62k/ha and a return on every naira invested of N1.94in the traditional systems.  Result on T-test showed that there is significant difference between profits of some improved practices against farmers practice (p< 0.05). The constraints to production experienced by the farmers were high cost of inputs, insufficient fund, inadequate and untimely delivery of farm input, inadequate collaterals/security, inadequate loan/credit facilities, inadequate storage processing and marketing facilities, pest, and diseases. Other less severe problems identified were Striga infestation, unstable produce price and drought spells.  It was concluded that the technology package is more profitable.  It is recommended that farmers should increase land devoted to Sorghum- legume strip cropping system and government and other agencies like ADPs should address the challenges of shortage of extension services, credit supply to farmers, improve marketing system, input supply and affordable price of input.

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